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    EN ISO 20345:2011 S3 SRC HRO standard

    $ 195.00


Article - T-1001OD FLYERS
Upper - Genuine waterproof cow leather upper with mold patch on heel gives extra support Leather toe with double stitching increase durability & protection
Reflector piece on side for extra safety vision
Collar - Durable soft padded 600D nylon collar
Tongue - Soft, comfort padded 600D nylon mesh, easy to band
Gusseted design can prevent dust and sand go into the shoes
Lining - Original Cambrelle with high vapor permeability and coefficient
High abrasion, breathes to let air in and moisture out, keeps feet dry and comfort
Eyelet - Strong plastic eyelet and hook, say goodbye to rust
Cap - EN ISO 20345:2011 standard Non metallic toe cap - with 200 joules for Impact and 15,000 Newtons Compression - Less weight , No rust, Reduce cold,
Midsole - EN ISO 20345:2011 standard MADE IN EUROPE Non metallic ZERO penetration protection midsole with 1,100 Newtons of penetration, super flex and reduce cold.
Insole - “GPZ PORONXRD®” insole feature a ergonomically shaped heel cup and cushioned arch support to provide the stability needed while participating in high impact activities.
“GPZ” insole is clinically proven to absorb shock forces and help provide immediate relief from foot discomfort. Support Insoles Absorb heel shock, stabilize your foot, maximize support for your arches, conserve foot structure and give correction to foot fault.
Lightweight and fashionable
Outsole - Gravity II Triple density outsole / Phylon ~ Anti-Torsion System ~ Rubber Medium hardness phylon offer the extreme shock-absorption, for good cushioning and reduce weight plus more comfort feeling to your feet.
Stabilizer arch provides and idea balance of the stability and more durable.
Nitrile rubber, oil and 300℃ heat resistant, better grip, good flex point
High abrasion resistant, durable, "ERP" - Extreme Rubber Protection design
Size - EUR 37 to 46
Weight - Weight for EUR 41- 700 grams
Standard - EN ISO 20345:2011 S3 SRC HRO standard
Special - OUTDRY® waterproof technology, can wear no matter Sunny or Raining day!
"Gravity II" Triple density outsole
"GPZ" Insole Extra Comfort PORON XRD® for energy absorption
Super comfort Ployurethane footbed
Non metallic composite toe cap & ZERO non-metallic Anti penetration midsole (Made in Europe) Less weight , No rust and more secure
European SRC slip resistance rating
Original cambrelle® lining
Nylon pulller on back, more convenient when you wear it
Antistatic properties (range from 100k to1,000m) designed to reduce the accumulation of excess static electricity by conducting body charge to ground while maintaining a sufficiently high level of resistance to protect the wearer from electrical hazard due to live electrical circuits.